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I like to think of myself as a “Real Trainer for Real Women” who want to get in shape in a fun environment.  To me, getting in shape and staying fit and healthy is all about having fun.  At AEPT we try to make exercise fun, while hanging out with your girlfriends who have similar goals.

I’m not a naturally thin person; quite frankly I have to work my backside off to stay in shape, so I can relate to your struggles.  I understand the demands of children, a husband who works away and no immediate family in town to rely on.

I know how easy it is to reach for that glass of wine at 5pm, to turn the volume down on the kids just a little, so that you can get through the next couple of hours until bed time as you are so exhausted.

The reason I have returned to my love of health & fitness is because I want to HELP YOU to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Most of my clients find that training has a domino effect.  After we train, we feel good about ourselves and we tend to take better care of our bodies.  We are more aware of the fuel we put into our bodies.  Let’s face it, when you have children you need all the energy you can get.

A bit about me and my background:

I fell in love with exercise while still at school in Year 12.  I was obsessed with Aerobics and joined our local aerobics display team. (Yes, if you’re wondering we did wear those hideous G-string leotards.  Let’s hope my mother has no old photos.. but then, they may make a comeback!!)

From there I was approached by my Aerobics Co-ordinator to become an Aerobics Instructor.  I started my career in the Health & fitness industry at the age of 16.  I just loved writing routines and helping people achieve their goals.

At the age of 21, I decided I wanted to travel the world and I thought what better way to do it, than work for Steiner Transocean as a Personal Trainer. I worked on board the DisneyMagic cruise ship as a Fitness Director.  What an amazing opportunity, but talk about being thrown in at the deep end!

On my first day on the job I was told I was teaching all sorts of classes I had never done before.  I had to teach random classes like golf conditioning, aqua aerobics & cardio kick box.

I had to present seminars on “Eat More, Weigh Less”“Back Care” etc. As scared as I was, it taught me to get out of my comfort zone and have a go.  I guess we all have to start somewhere!!

After 5 years of working abroad, I decided it was time to return home.  I was saddened to find that most of the positions I applied for were all about sales.  It felt like nobody cared about helping people achieve their goals, all they cared about was the money.

This led me to a career change as a Flight Attendant with Qantaslink.  I absolutely loved my job but shift work with a husband who worked away and a small baby just didn’t work for us. I then became a stay at home Mum but continued to keep my qualifications up-to-date with online courses and I would try my new routines out on girlfriends at our local gym.

Now that my kids are getting older, I decided 3 years ago to slowly ease back into the industry and I started with a Les Mills RPM Module.  I currently teach RPM (Spin), Abs Blitz and High Intensity Interval classes at a few local gyms.

This year I returned to my love of Personal Training. I offer mobile personal training and nutritional guidance. I also run women only fitness classes at my local park.

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Getting in shape and staying fit and healthy is all about having fun.



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Getting in shape and staying fit and healthy is all about having fun.



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Getting in shape and staying fit and healthy is all about having fun.


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